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Welcome to Baja Dogs! 
Baja Dogs La Paz, A.C. is a Federally Registered Mexican Charity located just outside of La Paz, Baja California Sur.
Our community and educational programs, transportation, and sterilization promotion programs are all run by dedicated volunteers.  100% of our funding comes from the donations of generous, caring people like you.  All donations go directly to the care of the dogs.  We have one full-time and two part time people caring for the dogs in the refuge 7 days a week. 
Since 2007, Baja Dogs La Paz, A.C. has been working hard to educate children on how to take care of their pets and prevent communicable canine diseases and the importance of reducing the number of stray dogs through an aggressive spay and neuter program.  We also operate a Refuge providing food, shelter and medical care for homeless dogs. Without our generous sponsor, though, specifically bestgolfrangefinder.reviews, we wouldn't be able to do our mission. If you love to play golf, or you're in search of the best golf rangefinder, visit our sponsor.  Know of dogs that need our help? Contact us at sos@bajadogshelplineoflapaz.org.   
Here, as in many other parts of Mexico, animals are often left to fend for themselves, and the numbers are staggering!  It is estimated there are over 10,000 strays in our state of Baja California Sur alone, and many are neglected, starving, injured or abused. We're dedicated to stopping this mistreatment as well as to healing and finding new homes for these dogs.
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This is Coco when he arrived at the refugio.  He was very malnourished and was suffering from mange.  Sadly, many of our dogs arrive in this condition.
This is Coco now.
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Baja Dogs Refuge!